Birchwood Cottage

The Birchwood Cottage is made mostly from White birch barks with additional structures and trims made from Willow and White Cedar twigs, most of which were actually peeled of their bark and polished smooth by the action of water and ice from the mountain stream where they were found. The main roof and tower roof are both removable. The interior is fully finished and lavishly detailed with a pillowed window seat, green felted rug and interior lights in the form of sweet pea blossoms. The functional front door is especially massive and detailed for a house this delicate. The door arch and large latticed side window feature Poppy seed-head finials. Trimmed and landscaped with real moss and stones, silk leaves and blossoms.

   As with all my faerie houses, they are especially enchanting as darkness descends and the lights twinkle and gleam.

Approx size:  12 x 14 x 16

This house is 100% hand-crafted by the artist and no other duplicate can or will ever be built. It is truly ONE of a kind.

This house is included in this gallery for people who enjoy seeing more details of individual house sculptures which have been sold in the past and now reside with their new collector/owners.


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