Crystal Moss House

 (apologies for the quality of the images, taken with a tablet in low-light conditions)

This Faerie House has incredible charm and delicacy primarily provided by the needle-felted roof which is rich with antique velvet leaves and glass-beaded vines. A generous selection of novelty yarns interwoven and needle-felted onto the roof give the structure a look that is both natural and magical.

The six-sided house had many incarnations before the final felted fantasy roof was created. It can be found in the archives of my faerie houses images sporting a living lily trumpet roof, a Hosta leaf roof and a Hazel leaf roof whilst being tucked under some wild blueberry bushes.

 Almond shaped windows are latticed with birch bark strips and a Hobbit-styled door with a Poppy-seed light finishes the front. The back panel has a very special section of green moss that was growing into the Golden Birch bark when the bark was found along the edge a mountain stream. A pebble foundation harkens back to that stream. A faux grassy “lawn” never needs trimming! The house was finished inside and micro LED lights were embedded in the roofline to give it a magical glow at dusk.

A delicate-looking  sculpture at approx 8 x 10 x 12

This house is 100% hand-crafted by the artist and no other duplicate can or will ever be built. It is truly ONE of a kind.

This house is included in this gallery for people who enjoy seeing more details of individual house sculptures which have been sold in the past and now reside with their new collector/owners.


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