Cypress Tree

One of my larger creations, this house was a very special commission*.

This house was made to wrap around a special feature in the client’s home, so it has an odd foot-print and needed to be extravagant from 3 viewing angles. The house has a tree-house feel as it is nestled between two de-barked Bald Cypress knees. A dried fungus stairway leads up to the main house which is made from White birch bark panels, with twig-latticed windows framed with reversed white birch bark frames. The opulent roof with its sweeping lines is created from several different species of Pine cones, selected, trimmed and graduated to fit the curves. The door is operational and opens up to reveal the fully finished interior.

   Outside, a “flying staircase” gives access to a tiny Gazebo for relaxing viewing or just settling in with a nice cup of tea. Descending the stairs and continuing along the moss-covered fungus balcony brings one back down the original staircase to the water feature and picnic area below the house and gazebo, respectively.

    This house featured two separate lighting options, one for the landscaping and/or one for the main house, stairs and gazebo. The landscaping loop included some “underwater” lights hidden in the waterfall and gazing pool to give the falls a glowing effect when dusk arrived.

 Magical and enchanting on every level. A joy (and a technical challenge) to create! The house is one of my larger creations measuring approx 12 x 22 x 24

Before the house was shipped, it enjoyed a long canoe ride out to a special location along the shores of a nearby lake for a special photo-shoot where additional fresh flowers and stone-worked landscaping was employed to create an uber-fantasy tableau for my portfolio.

*Please note: at this time, and with regret, the artist is unable to accept any individual or personal requests for a custom-made faerie house sculpture. My sculptural houses are now individually made and sold exclusively thru this website directly to collectors. Some small, meaningful additions to such houses may be possible for the new owner after the sale. Such additions could include special flowers, shells or crystals, framed art inside the house, or an inscribed name of the new owner which would make the house extra-personal for the collector. If this option is available, it will be noted in the sale page information.

This house is 100% hand-crafted by the artist and no other duplicate can or will ever be built. It is truly ONE of a kind.

This house is included in this gallery for people who enjoy seeing more details of individual house sculptures which have been sold in the past and which now reside with their new collector/owners.


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