Dragonwood Castle

A tour de force of a Fairy house! It has everything one could ever wish for in a Faerie house…genuine quartz crystal lights (one of my signature developments), removable roofs (all of them!), a fully working door encrusted with a “ruby” jewel, gorgeous handmade Japanese wallpapers in a variety of red and gold patterns, cushioned window seats, a felted wool rug, and basically just tons of details everywhere you look. But this castle even has one more magical secret to reveal:  its own crystal-lined Dragon lair with a secret entrance at the base of the foundation….phew! That’s a lot to pack into one sculpture!

Like some of my other houses, this one also has a separate, optional base. This base is a gorgeous Redwood burl slab that is approximately 18 x 22 x 2 inches thick…very substantial in its own right. There is a felted, decorated central section that fits perfectly with the base of the castle. However, the Dragonwood castle can also be free-standing. Either way a hidden ball-bearing turnstile means the house can be rotated in place to enjoy it from any angle. One of my largest sculptures, it is approximately 14 x 14 x 26 inches high in its free-standing form.

Lighting is supplied by a very robust 2 AA battery pack which has been hidden in the base of the sculpture but has easy access when the time comes to change the batteries.  This castle really has too many fine details to list here…best to just enjoy the images!

This house is 100% hand-crafted by the artist and no other duplicate can or will ever be built. It is truly ONE of a kind.

This house is included in this gallery for people who enjoy seeing more details of individual house sculptures which have been sold in the past and now reside with their new collector/owners.


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