Golden Birch Tower

A surprisingly detailed house that is diminutive yet very strong. Made from the bark of a Golden Birch log that had lost the inner wood to decay long ago. With the inner wood of the tree branch gone, what remains is a golden tube of inspiration for little houses such as these. The house has several twig-latticed windows and a tiny working door that is about 1 inch tall, to give you a sense of scale. The main roof and the tower roof are removable and finished with several different species of pine cone scales which have been trimmed and shaped individually to achieve the graduated tile look.

The interior is finished with handmade Japanese papers which have real flowers embedded in the paper for a magical, delicate look inside. A tiny battery pack powers the micro LED lighting so the house can stand anywhere to be enjoyed at dusk. Can be displayed either free-standing or nestled into the unusual base which is made from a Buck-eye burl which has been imaginatively decorated with faux Amethyst gems and landscaped with selected pine cone “shrubbery” to keep the look woodsy and natural through and through. This tiny cottage is only about 5 x 6 x 7 inches tall off the base. A delicate gem.

This house is 100% hand-crafted by the artist and no other duplicate can or will ever be built. It is truly ONE of a kind.

This house is included in this gallery for people who enjoy seeing more details of individual house sculptures which have been sold in the past and now reside with their new collector/owners.


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